La Mare que Va

Espacio Exclusivo

ASINDOWN, a referent in Valencia for over 30 years in the comprehensive care for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, launches LA MARE QUE VA (LMQV), its most innovative and disruptive project: a training centre in hospitality and tourism for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities where companies, institutions and society in general can celebrate their events, promoting the social and occupational inclusion of the group and highlighting their abilities. A sustainable and environmentally friendly space, where Valencian gastronomy and local and seasonal products are promoted, located in an emblematic location such as La Marina de València, where students can be trained, carry out their training practices and also have their first work experiences with our partner 360º Gourmet Catering and Events, so that in the medium term they can be employed in ordinary companies after their specialisation in LMQV.

Therefore, LMQV aims to be a reference not only in the socio-labour inclusion of people from the group, but also in making their abilities visible, becoming a meeting point for the business, institutional and cultural fabric and demonstrating how we want the society of the future to be, inclusive and respectful of diversity and the environment.

Available for:

Eventos Corporativos




Exterior terrace

150 pax


Exterior terrace

100 pax


Exterior terrace

100 pax


Espacios Interiores

Theater format

50 pax

Press conference format with platform

35 pax

Cocktail format

45 pax

Imperial table format

26 pax

Espacios Exteriores

Total Terrace



La Mare que Va

Passeig de la Remor, 20, Local C4

Poblados Marítimos, 46024 Valencia


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