We have everything you need to plan your wedding

At Gourmet Catering we understand that your wedding day is a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Our proposal goes beyond providing the place since we exclusively manage unique spaces such as the Cartuja de Ara Christi, Vallesa de Mandor, Masía del Carmen, Huerto San Vicente, Hotel Las Arenas, Espacios Los Toros (Les Arts) Huerto San José and Parque de la Marquesa, in addition to working as a caterer in other farmhouses and private homes. We want to plan your wedding.



Our services include exquisite menus, detailed decoration, planning and all the expertise accumulated over the years. Are you looking for a classic, modern, or multicultural celebration? Tell us your vision and we’ll get to work.

A unique opportunity to create
unforgettable memories.

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What makes us stand out



Our track record supports us. We currently celebrate more than 400 weddings each year, each one extremely personalized and unique.



Our staff is highly qualified and trained. We are passionate and in 2023 we were awarded the SME 2023 training and employment award from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.



We have the best spaces for your dream day. 12 historic farmhouses and buildings and also modern spaces for between 80 and 400 guests.



At Gourmet Catering we personalize the gastronomic offer so that it adapts to your wishes and your guests. Our gastronomy is our best letter of introduction.


Espacio Exclusivo

Vallesa de Mandor


Casa Alcatí

Barraca Fang i Pallús

eventos comunidad valenciana

Espacio Exclusivo

La Cartuja de Ara Christi


Palau de les Arts

Espacio Exclusivo

Masía del Carmen

Espacio Exclusivo

Huerto San Vicente

Espacio Exclusivo

Hort de Sant Josep

Espacio Exclusivo

Palau de les Arts – Espacio Los Toros

Espacio Exclusivo

Las Arenas Hotel

Espacio Exclusivo

Parque de la Marquesa

Espacio Exclusivo

Contrapunto Restaurant


plan your wedding
plan your wedding
planificar tu boda
planificar tu boda
planificar tu boda
plan your wedding


What is the cost of renting the space?

The rental cost depends on each farmhouse and can be found in the detailed explanation of each one on our website.

In each of our spaces the minimum number of diners varies, depending on the space and the season. We never celebrate more than one wedding in the same space and it is always exclusive and limited to a single celebration.

The ideal is to reserve the country house at least one year in advance, since the high season months are booked quickly and it may be that the date desired by the couple is already blocked by other couples. One year is enough time for the preparations that a wedding requires.

Of course. Outside of the menus we offer, we have a wide gastronomic range, which the salesperson of each farmhouse is in charge of sharing with the couple.

In this way, we ensure that on the day of the menu test, all couples can try different dishes (that will surely suit them) for their wedding day.

Menu tests are included for:
6 people: for events of 150 people or more
4 people: for events between 100 and 150 people
For weddings of less than 100 adult guests, the menu test would not be included.

There is no charge for corkage and our winery professionals will advise you on the amount you should take into account depending on the number of your guests.

The guest list will be delivered five days before the wedding and the number of guests confirmed on this day will be those that will be invoiced. From this moment on, any cancellations generated will not be deducted from the final invoice.

Yes, at Gourmet we work with different companies: audiovisuals, flowers, etc. All of them guarantee an ideal service, since they are companies with great work and professional experience.

At Gourmet, we offer the service of traveling to your private chalet/estate. The menu dossier in this case is adapted to services in spaces other than ours and includes the assembly of tables, tablecloths, chairs, bars, etc.


We personalize the gastronomy for each client and create the menus with them.


More than 75 years dedicated to gastronomy and events in the most emblematic spaces of the Valencian Community.