Gourmet Catering & Spaces collaborates with the best DMC`s in Valencia!

Did you know that at Gourmet Catering&Spaces we collaborate with the best DMCs in Valenciafor the management and organization of their events in the city?If you have an Event companyin your place and you are looking for professional partners in the area! You found the right place!

What is a DMC?

It is a Local Reception Agency, Destination Management Company (DMC), a company that is in charge of managing and organizing business events in a specific country and coordinating all
services and preparations.

Thanks to this business model, entrepreneurs from all over the world can carry out congresses, fairs, product presentations, team buildings and all the corporate events they want in the country  and the city they want, no matter if they are not physically there or if they do not know how to hire all the services needed to carry out an important event, such as catering, lighting or sound  companies. From our catering we provide support to all these companies that are dedicated to organizing corporate events in Valencia, as we have the means and knowledge to do so.


Gourmet Catering & Spaces DMC´s Partners in Valencia.

Valencia has become sone of the most requested cities in Spain for organizing business eventsThe main reasons? Its wonderful Mediterranean climate, its amazing architecture, its varied and numerous spacesfor organizing events, its typical gastronomy and its unparalleled traditions At Gourmet Catering we specialize in the management and organization of all types of events, which allows us to offer our services as DMC partners in Valencia. We take care of managing and contracting all the necessary services for the correct development of all types ofcorporate events, such as congresses, conventions, fairs, incentives and presentations. We have our own staff, as well as material and furniture with which to adapt and decorate a space.In addition, we have a catering service and an extensive network of suppliers who provide us with what we need for each event so that the results are what our clients expect.


Are you looking for a partner in the city for your DMC company in Valencia?
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Metadescription: Hire the services of Gourmet Catering if you are a DMC in Valencia and are
looking for professional partners! Call us and find out! +34 963 530 544.