Celebrate your events in Valencia with Gourmet Catering & Spaces.

Gourmet Catering&Spaces is the largest infrastructure of catering and event resources in Valencia. Every year, more than 1,500 events and more than 5,000 simultaneous dinners in different locations are managed and organized by our team. And, all this, moreover, without overlooking at any time its most human side and taking the best care of all the details.

What can we do for you and your event from Gourmet Catering?

Do you want to organize an event in Valencia and need help to make it a success? Trust us! From Gourmet Catering & Spaces we take care of the whole project from the initial idea until giving its final touch.
We take care of looking of the place for the celebration, offering you also different exclusive gourmet spaces. Once it is chosen and we know the number of guests and what the objective of the event is, we take care of providing you with the necessary staff, from waiters to a security team if you desire.


Gourmet Catering has exclusive spaces and surroundings!
Find out which ones they are and choose yours to celebrate your Events in Valencia!


We will prepare the space with the furniture and materials you need! Do you need a stage for the presentation of a new product? There you go. A screen and a full sound system? Just ask. Do you want the lighting to be the great protagonist?
Everything will shine as you have always dreamed! No matter what your requests are: from Gourmet we will make sure that the place is comfortable for the attendees and that it allows you to carry out the event that you are thinking of.
But that’s not all.
We have our own production kitchens from which the most exclusive dishes of our catering are created. No matter what type of catering service you require or what your special requestsare, we always work to achieve the best results and adapt to your needs as much as possible. Besides working in our exclusive spaces, we also move to other places with our catering so you won`t have to worry about anything wherever you are.


At Gourmet Catering & Spaces we understand cooking as a process in constant evolution where classic or innovative stand side by side

Do you want to know more and request a budget for the organization of your events in Valencia?

Did we convince you? Then, all you have to do is contact us and explain the type of event you want to do and all that we need to know to get it done. From Gourmet Catering & Spaces, as a specialist in the management of Events in Valencia , we take care of everything so that everything goes according to your plans and even exceeds the expectations of the guests.


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