We have been dedicated to gastronomy and events in the most emblematic spaces of the Valencian Community for more than 75 years.

Empresa líder en su sector, con más de 75 años dedicados a la gastronomía y los eventos y que cuenta actualmente con uno de los mayores departamentos de I+D+i de gastronomía de la Comunidad Valenciana y un centro de producción e innovación sostenible de más de 1.600m2.


We began our catering activity in several emblematic and historic buildings in the eighties and we have not stopped expanding our portfolio of spaces since then, operating today in all the reference spaces in Valencia city and the entire Valencian Community.

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We are currently in full expansion to other autonomous communities. Gourmet Catering & Eventos holds more than 2,000 events every year, satisfying the needs of more than 300,000 diners annually.

eventos comunidad valenciana


Gourmet Catering has exclusive spaces for any type of event in addition to working in almost all spaces in the city of Valencia. We help you choose the one that best suits the needs of your wedding or event.


Renewable energy

Energy adaptation through major work and installation to renewable energy sources, with a complete photovoltaic installation, which has achieved energy savings of 28%.

Water and waste

The Picanya production center and logistics center facilities have a treatment system for industrial waste effluents from production and cleaning waters with a maximum flow rate of 5m3/hour.

People and Talent

57% female, and 43% male employees, our staff receives 3,000 hours of training per year. There are 160 employees in a permanent structure, and 45% of Gourmet employees have been working in the company for more than 13 years average. Gourmet Catering & Events is developing an Equality Plan that will be continually updated and has formed a Committee to improve and also guarantee solid labor sustainability.

Materials & Packaging

2,445 tons of oil recycled in 2023. Total adaptation to disposable biodegradable materials such as cornstarch, recycled paper, recycled cardboard, reusable bottles. 82% of the cardboard used by the company is recycled.

Food Waste

First semester 2023: donations for an economic value of 46,946 euros, with 3,189 kilos donated, equivalent to 7,593 rations, which at the same time have prevented 7,972 kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

RSC (Inclusión & Diversidad)

Gourmet Catering & Events is 360º Promoter of the “La Mare que va” project by Asindown. The collaboration is based on 4 strategic axes: Training, Events, Labor Inclusion and finally the joint creation of a global manual of inclusive events. In September 2023, our journey together began with 40 students from the group who will be trained to enter the events sector.

Local purchases

More than 50% of Gourmet’s total suppliers come from the Valencian Community. The purchasing department maintains a close relationship with all suppliers, ensuring the same work and business ethics as well as affinity in the search for quality and excellence.

Innovation and development

Gourmet Catering has an R&D+i team that ensures the continuous application of new, more sustainable and healthy materials in the menus. We participate in research, innovation and co-creation strategy projects with start-ups in the Food tech sector, offering specific events as a testing and data collection platform.

Gourmet participates in a European project on measuring the nutritional footprint with the Lluís Alcanyís Foundation of the University of Valencia, the Valencia Conference Center and the Valencia World Center for Sustainable Urban Food (CEMAS).

Food Quality and Safety

The company Gourmet Catering & Events has an in house Quality and Food Safety Department led by a Veterinarian and Food Technologist, to ensure compliance with current legislation on hygiene and food safety and, in this way, ensure the service of safe food with optimal quality and hygiene conditions for consumption.

In addition, the company has the support of an external consulting firm made up of veterinary technicians, which carries out external audits. Implemented a quality system based on HACCP principles throughout the company.

Currently we are implementing the IFS Global Market Foods auditing and certification.

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In our company, integrity is the fundamental pillar that guides each of our actions. We value honesty and ethics at all levels of the organization, ensuring that each decision is made with integrity and respect for our clients and collaborators.


We pride ourselves on excellence in everything we do. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals committed to offering quality solutions. Dedication to our work and constant learning allows us to provide first-class service to our clients.


We understand the importance of establishing close and lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to understand your individual needs and provide customized solutions. Our team is always available to listen and assist, thus creating an environment of trust and mutual collaboration.


In our company, transparency is the basis of trust. We communicate clearly and directly, providing accurate and detailed information about our products and services. We strive to maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients, demonstrating our dedication to transparency in every interaction.


We want to be part of your big day and help you make it unforgettable


We know that gastronomy and excellent service are the key to professional events.


We personalize the gastronomy for each client and create the menus with them.

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